With New Update for Kindle App, You can Scroll eBooks Smoother and faster.

Millions of eBook lovers are currently using Kindle app. Seeing the popularity of the app, Amazon has rolled out yet another update for the app, which will ensure smooth eBook scrolling and a number of other features. There is a lot to look forward to in this app, so get the app on your tablet right now.

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Kindle app has become more advanced than before, but why Amazon is paying so much attention towards this app when it has a full line-up of Kindle tablets to promote. Well, that’s where the thinking of most intellectuals varies. Amazon knows that the market of the tablet is one of the most competitive markets in the world.

It is tough to overpower Apple iPads, BlackBerry PlayBooks, Samsung Galaxy Tabs and others. So, the company’s strategy is that if you can’t outclass them, then choose a middle road, which is good for everybody. So, Kindle app is a prime example of that strategy. Kindle app is available for Android as well as iOS devices, and this app brings all the eBooks that are available in Amazon eBook inventory into the hands of Android and iOS users.

But, Kindle app doesn’t have certain features, which you will find on Kindle devices, which is understandable. Yet, the move to launch an app to access a large variety of Kindle eBooks is something that should be appreciated.

Kindle app is popular, and the reason why I’m saying so is that of multiple updates that this app has received so far. Had this app not done well on the market, then Amazon would have discontinued it by now, but as you can see, it is available and being used heavily by the users.

What’s included in the latest update?

Downloading the latest update for the app will allow you to quickly jump to a certain point with a flick of a finger while reading your favorite eBooks

Amazon customers can easily scroll through eBooks on their smartphones and tablets just like how they would do the same thing on the websites that are opened on their smartphones and tablets. This functionality is present because of the new feature that is present in Kindle app by the name of ‘continuous scrolling’.

The new features are going to be available on iOS devices first, and then, Android users will also be able to enjoy it on their devices.

You will have to enable this feature in order to use it. You can enable it by going into ‘settings’. Scrolling becomes smoother, but when compared with the scrolling of a dedicated eBook reader, then there is a significant difference.

You will see a unique display technology in this app, which looks a lot like the book page that is made of paper. You won’t be able to judge as to whether you are reading from an electronic device or an actual book.

If you are trying to get this update, but are failing every time, then you can take help of My Tablet Support or www Kindle Com Support, as they are experts in fixing issues related to Kindle tablets and Kindle app.

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