Will Resetting Erase All Data From Your Kindle Device?

Resetting function is mainly performed when your device stopped responding or keep on freezing on a single book. If the books downloaded in your E-reader are not opening properly or there is some problem with the settings, then factory reset function is performed. If an Amazon account is not opening from your Kindle, then it means there is some problem with the Kindle. No doubt, resetting will delete all your E-books, files, magazines and personal settings stored on your Kindle, but you can easily retrieve them with simple steps and tricks. Re-registration on Amazon account is necessary to fetch your previous data.

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  • Last resort

Resetting functions are last resort to all the kindle problems. When you factory reset your device, all the data will get deleted from it and personal information will be erased from your kindle. If you have forgotten the password, the only way left out is; reset your kindle. This will reset the password. You can set the password of your choice.

  • Backup

All Kindle models like paperwhite, oasis, and Kindle Fire and Fire HD store all content online on cloud storage. With this feature, you don’t need to download and purchase the books again and again. When you reset your Kindle, it will automatically download the books from a cloud account. However, your personal settings will get lost after factory reset. You can do one thing in such cases, just save settings in your computer and transfer it to your device after performing resetting function.

  • Resetting

To reset your kindle, Press the ‘Menu’ button followed by ‘Settings’. A setting screen will appear on the front screen. Press ‘Menu’ again to go to ‘Factory reset’ option. A resetting process will be initiated after this. Switch off your kindle and restart it after resetting function. In case of any problem, contact Kindle support.

  • Kindle registration

Once you did with the resetting process, you are required to re-register your device on Amazon page. For this, turn on ‘Whispernet’ on your device first, then go to ‘Menu’ page. Register your device by clicking on ‘Register’ option. Enter the username and password of your existing Amazon account. Follow on-screen instructions to move forward.

Go through steps and click ‘OK’ to complete it. Now, you will find password reset screen in front of you. Click on ‘Settings’ and go to ‘Device password’ option. Enter password two times to confirm it. After this, you are required to set a hint or security question for your account in case you forgot your password, you can easily recover it with the help of this question. Answer the question in the given field. This answer must be saved at some location on your computer for future use. Now, connect the Kindle to the computer and sync the settings. All content will be automatically downloaded on Kindle.

  • Parental controls

Before performing a factory reset on any of Kindle device, Parental controls must be disabled. If you find that this function is enabled on your device, then enter the parental control password and set it to ‘Disable’ mode. In case, you don’t know the password for parental control, you can ask the same from Kindle support team. They will help you in resetting the parental password. After successfully disabling the parental controls, you can factory reset your device.

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