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What’s The Process Of Getting DirecTV Now DVR Beta On Roku Media Streaming Player?

Roku users have got one more reason to jump in joy, as the company has made arrangements to bring DirecTV Now’s DVR Beta on Roku platform. If you know what this feature is and how you can access it, then you can go through this blog post.

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How can new users set up Roku TV?

Roku gives the most straightforward approach to stream digital content to your TV. With Roku built in to encounter in excess of 500,000 motion pictures and TV serials across over 5,000 free and paid channels. If you’re new to this superb device and don’t how to setup

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How To Receive Antenna TV Output On Your Roku TV?

With Roku TV at home, you can access digital content available over-the-air broadcast on HDTV antenna. This is possible due to ATSC tuner card available in Roku TV. All local stations can be watched with the help of HDTV antenna connected to Roku TV. How to connect

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