Tablet Support

We at Tech Helperz have certified and trained employees to entertain each and every aspect of tablets for all type of brands and models. Perhaps, this might be the reason we are most renounced and most trusted name in Tablet Support industry. Our mission is to pay extra attention towards the issues and offers best solution to our customers through experienced staff.

In this revolutionary world of Technology, we find thousands of different models with different price points every day and each one having different features. In this flooded market, the prominent Tablet devices are – Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad and Barnes & Nobel Nook. As technology up gradation happens, one can find some setup issues in their Tablets.

Issues for which we offer our Tablet support:

  1. Battery drains out at a weirdly fast speed.
  2. Unable to manage your Tablet.
  3. Facing problem in exploring the basic features of the Tablet.
  4. Unable to add bookmarks or create notes while reading a book.
  5. Unable to share the content on the social media.

Connection based issues

  1. Unable to setup Wi-Fi connection to the Tablet
  2. Facing problem in linking your Tablet with other smart gadgets such as, PC, laptop, smartphone and more.
  3. USB connection not working.

Issues related to purchasing, renting, borrowing, downloading and syncing of eBooks

  1. Customers service phone number to buy and download eBooks.
  2. Unable to transfer books and/or other content from the Tablet to the computer or vice versa.
  3. Unable to sync to the furthest page reads.
  4. Problem with renting eBooks.
  5. Problem in lending and/or borrowing eBooks from Lending Library.
  6. Facing issues in borrowing books from online public libraries.
  7. Registration of the Tablet
  8. Tablet help to get rid of blank or frozen screen issues.
  9. Tablet Support for Battery issues.
  10.  Customers service phone number

Why to Choose Us:

We provide qualified staff which can tackle very issue of Tablets and will offer the most appropriate solutions. We make sure that our customer is satisfied with the solution.

  1. 24×7 Support – By providing support 24×7 means we really care about our customers. Letting a Customer wait for hour’s shows that one is not serious about them.
  2.  Dedicated Support – A Competent team to resolve issues related to Tablet setup and support. We provide every type of solutions and help for troubleshooting regardless of which model you have.
  3. Better Solutions then Official Sites: Not only 24×7 help but we also offer guaranteed better solutions then the officials’ sites as we have certified technical staff who can effectively track down the source and can provide you Tablet help step by step.
  4. Educating Customer- We don’t believe in only proving Tablet help or  Support but we also educate our customers regarding issues in their tablets, so that next time problem occurs they should be able to solve it by their own.