Roku Teams With Sky To Launch The Cheapest Streaming Stick In The UK.

Roku smart stick has got the support of Sky in the UK. Now, they are going to launch a smart stick, which will be packed with a number of useful features and a cheap price. Let us find out more about this stick and what’s included in this stick.

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Roku is developing a smart stick with the help of Sky Network, which is a UK based company. This smart stick is going to have a number of new features that were not present in the previous Roku stick. Moreover, the price of this Now TV Smart Stick is around $20-25, which is great because of the voice control feature.

With this new streaming stick, Sky has overshadowed the likes of Google and Amazon, who had their own set of devices at this price range.

Basically, Now TV Smart Stick is a Roku stick, but it has been rebranded and powered with amazing features to attract more customers in the UK. With this streaming stick, people can now watch sports programming that is coming from Sky, movies, children programming, and tonnes of other entertainment shows.

There is one shortcoming of this smart stick that it doesn’t support 4K videos, which Roku streaming stick supports. Roku streaming stick was launched a year ago in 2017 and can support videos in 4K. But, this new smart stick will not be able to play videos in 4K. But, there is one feature that you are going to see in this device, i.e., voice-command support. You can tell the stick to play your favorite movie or TV show, and it will do that. You will get a remote control with this device which lets you control all the functionality of the TV. You can easily control the volume and turn the TV off or on.

This device from Now TV is manufactured in such a way that it doesn’t require an additional power source. The device will charge itself through the USB Port, which you will connect this stick into. This device won’t be charged via HDMI, plus you don’t need too many wires, so the operation will be less clumsy.

This smart stick will be on sale by next month, i.e., February 2018, and the company is expecting high from this product. The sky in order to lure the users has come up with a scheme in which they will be selling this smart stick with a 2-month Now TV Entertainment Pass. This pass will allow you to access all the Live TV channels along with more than 300 skybox sets.

The sky is also planning to unveil Now TV smart stick that will come with a monthly Cinema Pass or a monthly Sky Sports Pass. The MD of Now TV, Mr. Gidon Katz has said in an interview that those who are looking for a flexible way to stream world-class programming, which is also free from any contract should go for Now TV smart TV. This will be the cheapest stick in the whole of United Kingdom.

Customers are requested to add one of the content passes in order to stream premium live sports, a new movie or any other entertainment show of their choice. This is a feature that is not available anywhere else, so people shouldn’t wait at all when this stick gets launched into the market. They should buy it in the first place or else they will regret it later on.

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