Roku Allows Inclusion Of ‘Roku Channel’ On Other Platforms

When it comes to the leading streaming service providers, then I guess there is no one as good as Roku media streaming player. Roku is one of the most dynamic and feature-packed devices that will make you crave for more and more entertainment. Why Roku has become so popular in the US, Canada, and the UK is due to the ability of the device to determine the needs of the users. Moreover, the company doesn’t waste time in adding those required things to the platform in a quick time.

After reading the news related to Roku Com Link joining hands with Samsung, I feel extremely surprised because I could have never imagined that these companies are going to join hands with each other just for the sake of their customers. But, as they say, the customer is king, so it is normal for companies to take out-of-the-box decisions to make their customers happy. Roku has decided to add its popular ‘Roku channel’ to select Samsung Smart TVs. So, it is now possible for Samsung customers to watch hundreds and thousands of TV shows and movies on their Samsung Smart TVs.

With Roku channel being introduced on Samsung Smart TVs, it is obvious that Roku will vye for Samsung customers. The same strategy will be adopted by the Samsung, so it is pretty much evident that both companies are looking to take advantage of each other’s platform.

In 2017, Roku has brought a very lucrative deal for a number of streaming devices and smart TVs, i.e., the addition of Roku channel. It is a well-known fact that Roku channel is among the most sought-after channels that comprise a myriad of movies and TV shows. Moreover, the company has ensured that there are fewer advertisements on this platform, up to 50% fewer advertisements compared to other traditional linear channels. There have been a number of statements issued by the company revealing details of Roku channel. It won’t take more than a few weeks before people start seeing Roku channel on their Samsung Smart TVs.

Roku has been thinking in a unique way, i.e., a plan to move out of its own TV OS. This move will allow the company to distribute its ‘Roku channel’ to other platforms. The company has started with Samsung, but there are many more companies that Roku is looking is looking to give its Roku channel to.

This move by  Roku Help may surprise many people because Roku is associating with those companies, which are also the tough competitors of Roku in many niches. But, Roku is not much bothered about that because the main motive of Roku is to get as many eyeballs as possible on its content, and for that, the company can change its strategies and shake hands with its rivals.

Besides that, Roku channel will provide an attractive distribution path for TV and movie studios. This particular move can be compared to what happened between Google and Apple in past few months in which, Google allowed its apps to appear on Apple devices. See how both companies kept aside their differences to provide better services for consumers.

Roku is doing every bit to increase its customer base, and this is just one of the smart moves by the company.

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