Now Amazon Kindle eBooks Support 5 Indian Languages.

As we all familiar with this well-liked e-reader, Amazon launched many models under the name of Kindle and you can buy them according to your choice. Now the Indian user will be glad to know that this superlative will now support content in 5 Indian languages counting Hindi, Gujarati, and Malayalam. This will bring good enhancement in the growth of Indian ‘digital regional content’ market. The content director of Amazon Kindle SupportSanjeev Jha shred his words, We are adding thousands of digital books in Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati and Malayalam, including the largest digital selection of bestsellers, hundreds of exclusive titles and free classics to the Kindle Book Store.”

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Book lovers can access these books on this popular e-reader as we as the cost-free Kindle apps for iOS and Android, he added plus he also said, “Subscribers of Kindle Unlimited will also have access to the Indian language content. The new language selection is in addition to over three million books that are already available on the Kindle Book Store.” Rest being a user of Kindle you can ask for Kindle Support, if you face any technical mess in your device.

Chinese, French, German and Japanese among others, apart from English, these languages have been supported by the Kindle. While Amazon doesn’t share nation particular growth numbers, Sanjeev Jha said India is among its rapid increasing markets worldwide for Kindle.

Amazon will make available bestseller titles such as

Ishq Mein Shahar Hona by Ravish Kumar (Hindi)

Rajaraja Chozhan by Sa Na Kanna (Tamil)

Mrutyunjay by Shivaji Sawant (Marathi)

Ek Bija Ne Gamta Rahiye by Kaajal Oza Vaidya (Gujarati)

Aaracjar by K R Meera (Malayalam)

The exclusive titles count:

Banaras Talkies by Satya Vyas

Ki. MU. Ki. Pi by Madhanand

Draupadi by Kaajal Oza Vaidya

Mayapuri by Shivani

Now Kindle user will get all these titles in digital format for the first time. Jha also said, “We are bringing features like font size adjustment, ability to add notes and highlights, and automatic save and sync of your furthest page read across all your devices.

According to industry reports, the print book market in the Indian nation is estimated to be worth approx. $4 billion. After the United States and the United Kingdom, India ranks third in English language publishing, which is one of the rapidly increasing smartphone markets worldwide, also has a notable number of people run their visions to e-books on their phones. While there sufficient amount of content in English available online, that in Indian language has been few.  Companies like Google are taking a number of capability to grow penetration of regional content in the digital zone. If you’re already using the Kindle device and struggling with any technical mess then you can take Kindle Help or ring up on Kindle customer service number for the appropriate solution.

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