New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Manga with 32 GB Space

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Kindle had been a favorite device of the people who loves to read and its portability and long battery makes it one of the accessories that frequent travelers and people who love to read at night love to carry. Apart from reading, Kindle also offers many exciting features to its readers such as building up vocabulary, dictionary and listening audio books and if something goes wrong then Kindle Tech Support is there to help you out with any kind of difficulty and smooth functioning of your device.

Kindle offers many exciting services for it users such as Kindle First. In Kindle First, you get to read next’s month new releases and you get to choose one out of six .Whereas, in Kindle, the fun get amplified as you can choose from myriads of titles as per your interest. Rest Kindle help is there to tell you lot more then these services and will give you the right assistance. 

As you might be aware that Kindle recently introduced Kindle Unlimited to the Japanese people and now to cater the interest of the Japanese fan it has launched a Manga edition of the Kindle. Many of us might now be aware of the word Manga, well it is the Japanese comics which are considered outside the main literature and sometimes referred as kid’s books. But these books have undergone major changes and now becoming more popular than before and it is highly known for its artistic work.

Amazon is all set to take over the Manga with its Kindle by introducing Kindle Paperwhite Manga Model which is upgraded for specially reading Manga on Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage and Oasis. However, Graphic novels and Comics have less text on each page. Instead of the story, it is illustrated with artistry which makes it altogether different. These Graphic novels are much longer as compared to the average book and consumes lot of space.

To read the Manga you require to swipe page one after the other and constant turning of pages might slow down the e-reader. To combat this issue Kindle upgrade has 33% faster page turning feature and also a tap-and-hold feature that allows users to go through the pages quickly. It also comes with 32 GB storage which is enough to store 700+ Mangas.

This Kindle also supports Manga in double-page layouts and users can zoom in on the artwork if they want a real nice view of the art.

Kindle devices tend to give you some trouble such as connectivity issue or unresponsive screen or battery then Kindle Support is the thing that you can rely on. Here best advice and guidance will be given by the Kindle experts. However, if you are struggling with your Kindle Fire tablet then turn to Kindle Fire support to quick and effective resolution.

This Kindle Paperwhite Manga Model will be available at Amazon Japan from Oct 21st and is priced around $160. However, it is not cleared yet if Amazon is about to sell it outside of Japan or it is just for Japan. But, with 32 GB it is not a bad deal as it let you store more books than your Paperwhite even if Manga doesn’t appeal you.

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