Is Your Roku Express+ Not Turning On? Read This Guide

Are you getting the problem in turning on your Roku Express+ model even after connecting it to the power source? If yes, then there is need to troubleshoot it at the earliest otherwise, you won’t be able to watch videos. For your information, we want to mention here that you can connect your Roku to the USB port of TV or to the power adapter to turn it on.

A white light on the front of your device will notify you of the same. In case of no light, the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps must be followed. If you are facing problem in watching videos on the big screen, then there is definitely an issue with the power supply. The power supply is insufficient or power adapter is faulty.

If you are using a wall outlet to connect Roku Help to the supply, then the below-mentioned steps must be followed to fix the problem.

  • Always use standard quality of power adapter to turn on your Roku. The power adapter is available with the packing. You can use that adapter.
  • Connect adapter firmly at both the ends. The power cable coming with the adapter must be connected properly to the adapter and to the Roku port.
  • Change the power source. If you are using a power outlet which is closer to your Roku player, then change the outlet and try turning it on. Sometimes, the power outlet may be faulty. You can test your outlet by connecting any other device to it. If it too doesn’t turn on, then there is a problem with the outlet.
  • Check the light empaneled on the top of Roku Express+. If it glows, then it means the device is working ok.
  • Try USB port of TV: You can change the power mode from the power adapter to the USB port of your TV.

If the problem still continues, then get your Roku adapter checked from Roku Com Link store. You can find the nearby store online. The technical support executives available there will help you in a best possible manner. They will first diagnose the problem, then find a convenient solution to it. If they find your Roku player faulty, then they will replace it free of cost given the product must be under warranty.

  1. Use of right cable for connecting the Roku to the TV: It is essential to connect the Roku to the TV with standard quality of the cable. Using spurious quality cables may lead to increase in leakage current.
  2. Connect the cable to the TV USB port and Roku port properly.
  3. Try different ports of your TV. If your TV has more than one USB port, then you always try to connect the Roku to the primary USB port. This port will provide the maximum output to the device. If you are getting the problem in getting the videos on the screen, then insufficient power supply might be the issue.
  4. Try connecting Roku to the different TV: If you are having more than one TV at home, then we recommend you to connect the Roku to that TV and check by trying playing the videos.

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