Is It True That New Roku Models Consist Of HDR Support?

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Roku has launched a number of models in the past few years, and with each model launch, the company has added something new. Models that were launched a few months ago were integrated with HDR, which is something that is hard to find in a digital streaming device. 

The popular media players of Roku is going to get a lot better this fall. The company is going to rebrand its devices, as a result of which, the Roku models will be renamed. The new Roku devices will be renamed from Roku 1, Roku 2, Roku 3, Roku 4 to names such as ‘Express’, ‘Ultra’, ‘Premiere’ and more. The company is also going to provide the HDR picture support in all these devices. The bottom line is, these devices are going to rule in the upcoming months.

This information is not yet official, but it has been leaked from a wide number of sources. If the leaked information is to be considered, then it can be clearly found that Roku devices that will be launched later this year will have a lot of mesmerizing features. It has been found in the reports that Roku is going to ditch USB ports on its starting line of models. This information is confirmed, unlike the above-mentioned information, as it is spotted in the documents that were filed with the FCC in August. The company has not revealed whether the setup process of these new models will consist Roku link activation codeor not.

What is clear from the new information is that Roku 1 will be renamed to Roku Express. The company has also renamed a model to Roku Express Plus, but it is not clear, which model has been renamed to that. Many experts are speculating that the Plus models are going to have extra ports or they will support voice-controlled remote, which will have a headphone jack. What this means is, people can take the benefit of private listening. This is a new feature and a much needful one. If your Roku not connecting, then you can get in touch with Roku help and support providers.

The Roku 2 is going to become ‘Roku Premiere’, while Roku 3 will be changed to ‘Roku Premiere Plus’. These two models will have the 4K support, whereas the Plus model is also going to have Ethernet, MicroSD slot, and not to forget the ‘HDR’ functionality. People can know more about all these features as www Roku Com Link.

Talking about Roku 4, it will be renamed to ‘Roku Ultra’, and this model will include an optical out and a remote control finder. The optical out was present in the previous version as well, but it will have the USB so that people can access local media. Roku 4 is going to have HDR support. The company has also assured that they will take the full responsibility of these devices. People using Roku devices have come across a problem, i.e., ‘HDCP unauthorized Roku’, which will also be rectified by Roku support.

There is a great possibility that these new models can be shipped this fall, just ahead of the holiday season. Also, this rebranding venture is going to work in favor of the company. Roku 1, Roku 2 and Roku 3 are not fascinating names, which the company has also realized. This is perhaps the reason that Roku has planned to change the name of all its devices. Names like ‘Ultra’ and ‘Premiere’ are more fascinating, but there could be some confusion among the customers early on. If you are not sure as to which Roku model you should buy, then you can take Roku help to determine the model that will suit you in the best way.

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