How To Troubleshoot Charging, Audio And Keyboard Problem Of Kindle Fire Tablet?

Today, we will discuss the troubleshooting guide for the 3 main problems related to the kindle fire tablet. These are ‘kindle fire won’t charge’, ‘No audio through speakers’ and ‘Keyboard typing error’.

Your kindle fire won’t charge

If you are getting the problem with the charging, then you can try below-mentioned tricks:

Shut down: Press and hold the power button of your Kindle tablet and wait for few seconds to turn it on again.

Is the cable right one you are using? Are you using a right cable for charging the kindle fire tablet? If yes, then it’s ok. Try charging another kindle with the same cable. If it is charging then there is a problem with the kindle fire tablet.

Are you connected? Check the orange light of your kindle fire tablet. This indicates charging. If there is a loose connection, then you will not find this LED blinking on your fire tablet.

The keyboard is not typing properly

If you are typing something and getting something on the screen, then it means there is some problem with the typing keyboard. To fix this issue, you can try below-mentioned tricks.

Clean your screen: If you are using a Kindle while eating something at a restaurant, then the dirt from your fingertips may enter into the screen and create a problem. To mess with the sensitivity issue, you can clean the screen with the soft cotton cloth.
Any screen protector on screen? Have you applied any screen guard on the screen to protect it against the sudden jerks or damage? If yes, then check the protector for any bubbles available in the center of the screen. You can fix it either by removing the protector or remove air bubble from the screen through the dryer.
Reset Amazon fire: To reset the Kindle E-reader, you need to follow the same steps we mentioned in the previous passage press and hold the power button for 20 seconds.
Factory reset: This is the final step for troubleshooting any issue. After resetting the device, all the device settings will come to default and all the data stored in the device will get deleted.

No audio through headphones and Amazon fire speakers

Some people are getting the problem in receiving sound in their amazon kindle speakers and speakers connected externally. Some potential fixes for this problem are:

Check the volume of your kindle fire tablet: It may happen that you have pressed the volume level to 0 or forgot to raise it. If you have done accidentally, then up the volume to a certain level.

  • Go to settings and click on ‘Display and sounds’.
  • Check the slider option. The icon should be in the center or on the right side of the slider.

Have you tried turning it off and on?

If you are getting the problem with the speakers, then try disconnecting it from the headphone jack and plug it again. This may help you in retaining the volume. Since you have disconnected the speakers during sleeping mode, so your Kindle may think as headphones are still connected to it.

Have you put on the case on Kindle: If you are getting the sound issue with kindle speakers, then remove the case from the body and try playing sound again? Sometimes cover on Kindle may prevent headphones from connecting to the pin properly.

Change headphones: If you are getting the problem in hearing sound on headphones, then change the headphones and check if the problem gets solved or not.  If you are still facing the problem, then replace your kindle fire from the nearest kindle store.

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