How solve Comcast internet issues using Xfinity my account app?

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Many Comcast users experience internet issues like completely not working, intermittent connection or slow speed. So keeping all these problems in mind here is a troubleshooting guide to resolve this issue with Xfinity app.

All users who face one or the other problem with their Comcast internet can quickly solve the problem from their Xfinity my account app. This app can be easily downloaded free of cost on any of your mobile devices connecting to the Internet connection. So to begin troubleshooting one should have the Xfinity app installed on any of their devices and if anyone does not have the app, then they should download and install it to start the diagnostic for their problem. This app can even be utilized for troubleshooting many other Comcast service related issues.

Go through the following steps to troubleshoot the internet issues from Xfinity app:

  1. Select the affected service to instruct the app for diagnosing the problem. To thoroughly diagnose the issue app will activate all the available service level and device level checks.
  2. After detecting the problem, it will show up different solutions steps you need to follow to solve it.
  3. For internet issues, it might ask you to reset the modem or router. So you should plug out the power cord from the back of modem or Comcast supported routersand then connect it back to the port on modem or router after waiting for 20-30 seconds. You can also try to disconnect from the internet connection and then connect back again after 10-15 seconds. It might solve the problem of slow speed. If still the speed is not increased, then check if the Ethernet wire is tightly connecting from the modem to your device or if you are within the range of the wireless network to receive adequate speed.

After every troubleshooting procedure, the application will confirm if the issue is resolved or not. In case it is not fixed you can get Comcast support chat for further addressing the issue.

You can also use the Xfinity my account app for many other things like viewing the other everyday issues along with their solution, detailed data usage logs, sending hit signals to your devices, etc.

To see other problems and their solutions one should tap on the settings menu and then select the option for “Common problems & solutions” from the available drop-down list.

To view, the data usage history user needs to open the Xfinity Internet menu that displays the list of Comcast supported modems or other modems you are using for connecting to the Internet. After that click on right arrow-like icon in front of that device name and touch anywhere on the option to view a summary of total data usage. It will display you the data usage for every previous month.

You can soft reset your modem by tapping the option to “Restart device..” Once you click on it will show up the message that “We are checking the connections, Just a Moment.” After processing if it finds that the signal strength is weak, then it will show you the message for along with a link to troubleshoot the issue.

So that’s all one needs to troubleshoot Comcast internet issues by making the use of Xfinity my account app. Also, remember Comcast tech support phone number is always available to provide help all other Comcast service related issues.

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