Google Latest Update On Google Play Movies And TV Made Roku Smarter

Are you using a Roku media streaming player, if yes, then you will be surprised to hear that Google play movies and TV channel is going to get a new coat of paint for Roku. You will definitely feel proud of using this device, once the update is applied to it. Google in the latest press release has announced a new update for Google play movies and Roku channel. You will find major changes in the update. The company has tried to add a new life into it by bringing the update on this platform. Let’s discuss this in details with you through this post.

You are required to pay close attention to this post. The very first thing you will find in the updated Roku channel is its interfacing and app. The Google play movies and TV app are totally changed now. It’s now in a modern look. The user interfacing is now changed and has become simpler than earlier. If you want to navigate across the menus, just click on the icons displayed on the screen. In case you find any problem in searching the content from the screen, click on ‘Help’ icon from the right-hand side of the screen. If you want to watch currently playing a show on your TV screen, then click on ‘Go live’ menu.

The service has now become better even for TV lovers. There is dedicated TV page recently added in the new update. From here, you can directly watch shows without getting into Sub-menu. Yes, no other stuff is available on the dedicated page, but it is meant only for those who want to watch shows from the channel directly. If you don’t want to pay a monthly subscription to the cable TV provider, then this is the best platform. An updated show along with new release is available on this platform. You can watch directly. There’s watch now section available in the app. With this section, you can resume playback from where you had left earlier. It will start playing content from that place.

If you love to find new things on the channel, then it has become easier to search for new things. You can find stuff according to genre, actor, and director. The new app has a much refined search feature. For example, if you want to search for top-rated comedies, then you can do so by narrowing the search through filters available on the screen. The filters will help you to search the desired results faster and easier. Another feature available in Google play movies and TV app is that all content you buy for your Roku device can be shared with your family via the family library. So other family members don’t need to purchase content separately. They can watch the content on their mobile devices or android TV or other supported TV’s via the shared family library.

The update is going to get live on Thursday. According to Google, the update is going to roll out in few days. If you have Roku device in your hand, then stay tuned to the support page to get latest updates. Till then, you can search for top-streaming services available for your Roku device.

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