‘Enhanced Movie Extra’ Added to Xfinity X1 Platform by Comcast

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Comcast is heading its video on demand experience one step closer towards the disc experience by adding enhanced movie extra to Xfinity X1 platform. This new functionality will allow users in interacting with the special online features that will help them in accessing games, set tours, maps and more while watching a film. This step has been taken in the partnership of Comcast with Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, Lionsgate, Paramount Home Media Home Distribution, and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment. For Comcast customers, this service is free until December 25 and the list of the titles include Mockingjay Part 2, The Secret Life of Pets, Star Trek Beyond, Hotel Transylvania 2, and Jason Bourne. 

Comcast being the leader, major studio partners and Universal, the enhanced extras feature is a combination of new technology standards with the power of X1 platform, developed by Movielabs and its studio partners. The feature is accessible with the digital purchase of titles that are participating. This offer is a unique combination of technology and content to enable active, collaborating and contextually cohesive content directly within the experience of movie watching. The enhanced extras feature will also include the photo gallery and video clips that will be updated contextually updated while movie playing. This will allow the viewers to browse and enjoy the content related to the film and its specific moments. 

“We’re enthusiastic to work with these studios on this trailblazing innovation that will redefine the home entertainment movie-watching experience. X1 is an immersive, lively platform that enables us to repeatedly provide our customers with experiences that are one-of-a-kind, and with our programming partners we are actively working to deliver better-quality and next-generation entertainment experiences for all content including sports, events, movies, and news.”, General Manager of Movies, Pay-Per-View, and Commerce, Comcast Cable, Daniel Spinosa said in a statement.

In order to celebrate this launch, Comcast is offering a free 10 days’ trial of enhanced extras feature from December 16 to December 25, 2016. During this trial period, the customers will have the free access to 16 online collaborative experiences like 360-degree maps, set tours, maps, and games- will available directly on the TV during the previously mentioned titles.

“These experiences are appealing, highly produced, and use the latest technology so as to make the content lively on Xfinity in a way that fans haven’t seen before. Creating a collection of their favorite films with enhanced content that can be enjoyed impeccably in their living rooms will be of more value to the Comcast customer.” said, Executive Vice President Thomas Hughes, Worldwide Digital Distribution for Lionsgate.

More titles and studios with the support of enhanced movie extras are expected to be added in the coming year 2017. For more information, you can navigate to: 

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