Creating Or Updating PIN For Your Roku Account

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The payment method that has been linked to your Roku account allows you to buy channels or rent or buy TV shows or movies or make other purchases from Roku Channel store. But you can create a PIN to prevent the unauthorized usage of your account by unknown resources. Once you create a PIN, it must be entered to approve any transaction with Roku Channel Store. Please use Roku Com Link for more information.

Follow these steps to create or update your PIN for your Roku account or take Roku Help

  • Go to www Roku Com Support and at this go to my Roku from your PC or smartphone.
  • Log into your Roku account.
  • Under the PIN reference click update.
  • You can select your PIN reference from the 3 choices- always require PIN to make purchases / always require a PIN to make purchases or to add items from channel store / A PIN is not required to make any purchase or add any channel from the channel store.
  • If you select either of first two choices and have not created a PIN yet, then you will be prompted to enter a 4-digit Roku Com Link Code or number in the PIN fieldAfter that select verify PIN for the confirmation.
  • If you have already created your PIN, then enter the PIN in verify PIN field.
  • Then select Save changes option and agree to the terms of services.

If you are creating a PIN, then it will only affect the ability to add or buy channels from Roku Channel Store. It will filter the channels or block the content from the Roku channels.

So, these were the simple and easy steps to create or update your PIN for your Roku account.

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