What Are The Steps Required To Update The Firmware Of Roku T.V?


If Roku T.V is connecting to the internet then it automatically updates the software else if it is not using the Internet then you need to update its system manually. So today we have some steps to help you in performing manual updates.

Many users who use their Roku T.V with internet connection never need to worry about updating their Roku T.V. It is because Roku itself checks for update and does the updates automatically without stopping you from using Roku T.V while the updates are going on. The users who don’t have their Roku T.V connected to the Internet should manually update the Roku T.V to ensure the proper functioning of their Roku.

To perform the manual updates, you first need to download the software for an upgrade from any of your devices connected to the internet like a laptop, tablet, etc. Now you need to move that software to a USB storage device to use this Drive with Roku T.V to update its software. Ensure the USB drive you are using for this manual update should have a minimum storage capacity of 256 MB.

Following are the steps to download the Roku software for update using Computer. It may be somewhat similar in the case of other devices also.

  1. Click on the browser icon to open it and type the URL as tvupdate.roku.com.
  2. A new window will open up. So choose the brand of your T.V from the given menu.
  3. Enter the details about the Model number of your Roku T.V. If you don’t remember the model number then go through the following steps to find the model number:
  4. Press the “Home” key on your Roku remote.
  5. Go to “Settings.”
  • Click on “System.”
  1. Select the option for “System update.”
  2. Choose the option that you can’t connect.
  3. Then a window will open up that will contain a four digit Model number of your device. So note it down somewhere.
  4. Enter the Model number and press the option for “Next.”
  5. Now select the “Download software” to load up the “update.roku” installation kit. Now save the file to any suitable location.
  6. Plug the USB drive into your computer’s USB port.
  7. Copy the update.roku software to this drive and wait for it to be completely copied to Your USB drive.

Steps to update the software after downloading it on Computer:

  1. Take out the USB drive from the computer and attach it to your Roku T.V.
  2. Press the “Home” key from your remote.
  3. Go to “Settings” option.
  4. Click on “System” and then select the option for “System updates.”
  5. Choose the option I can’t connect.
  6. Now the Roku T.V will show you a 12-digit number or will show you a message for the invalid file. Invalid data message informs you that your software is already installed.
  7. Now enter this 12 digit number on the asked blank on your computer window.
  8. Once you enter the 12-digit number, then a new six digit number will show up on the screen.
  9. Enter this 6- digit number as an input to your Roku T.V with the help of Roku remote.
  10. If you put the six digit number correctly to your T.V, then it will initiate the update process for the software update of your Roku T.V.
  11. So wait until the update completes after that restart the device and start using the Roku T.V as the software update is successful.

So these were few steps you need to perform the manual upgrade for the software of your Roku T.V. Also visit www Support Roku Com for more help related to Roku.

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