Try These XFINITY X1’s Tips And Tricks


Are you a user of the latest XFINITY X1? Then you need to take a glimpse at these tips and tricks. If you wish to get more information regarding these amazing tips and tricks, then you need to run your vision the below-given content.

Below you have the links, and you need to choose accordingly to visit tips and tricks:

  • Take a help of guide
  • Tips regarding navigation
  • Saved (DVR, Favorites, Purchases)

Take a help of guide

  • You need to take a glimpse at a program as you browse with the help of a guide.
  • You guide needs a filtration by All Channels, Favorites, HD Channels, Sports, Movies or Kids, etc.
  • Favorite Channels: Now you need to do an addition of your program to the list of your favorites or simply take out those programs from your favorite, which you don’t want.
  • Check you the Twitters for latest updates and what’s in trend.
  • If you want to skip forward one day in the guide, then you can simply take a help of FF button. By getting in touch with experts, you will get to know how to step ahead to guide or how to use remote buttons.
  • Well, while relishing your program at the time of browsing you can take a glance at what else is airing currently. If you’re able to see the right arrow, make a press on that, and you will get to about more content streaming at the same time on your television. To know more about the mini guide, you can contact professionals.
  • Alright if you still watching some content on your television, you can make two presses of on the right arrow, and you will get the programming schedule in front of you. Again, if you want to learn more about the mini guide, then you can contact us.

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Navigation Tips

  • If you want to go back to the guide, then simply make a press on Last.
  • With the help of your remote, you can swiftly search the content plus this one is also easy for you.
  • If you have got the XI Sports app, then you won’t miss the score. While watching if you want to access, then simply make a press on the C button.
  • There are even more awesome apps that come with X1 like Weather, Pandora, and Traffic. Learn more about Apps on X1.  Well, not only X1 Sports, you will be able to enjoy more awesome apps such as Pandora, Weather, and Traffic as well. If you wish to get more useful information about the X1 app, then contact professionals.
  • You can relish these things- DVR, Live TV or On Demand.
  • Well, the darkness level of your background is in your hand. You can manage that accordingly.
  • You can easily control the live TV. Not much complicated, you can easily manage the options of rewind, fast forward, pause, or return to live TV.
  • If you make twice presses on the down arrow, (while watching) then you can easily turn on the Closed Captions.
  • If you think you’re unable to read the complete description, then you can make a press on the Info button on your remote, and this will enlarge the screen, and you will be able to read the description.
  • As we know your remote holds the option of shortcuts and menus. You can easily control your television and audio device through your remote. If you want to make a pair of your device and television or audio, then you need to visit for the accurate instructions.

If you want to get tips regarding how to step ahead to X1 with your verbal commands, then get in touch with professionals.

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