The First And Second Generation Kindle Users Can’t Register Their Accounts


If you’re the owner of first or second generation Kindle, then before performing a factory reset, you might want to grip off. That’s because Amazon emerges to no longer permit those devices to register with accounts of Amazon, according to The eBook Reader. For information, you can also dial up a kindle Customer Service number.

The eBook reader noted that devices are recently registered remain so, but if users buy the latest device from a secondary market, or perform a factory setup, they could be out of the fortune. This means that while first and second generation Kindle users can browse Kindle Store of Amazon, they will no longer be able to link the device to their accounts of Amazon.

The utterance came following a complaint from Kindle user on MobileRead who had got in touch with Amazon after having an issue with their device, notable that the Kindle was not able to get re-register to their account after doing a factory reset. Other owners on the forums have peeled in to note that their first and second generation Kindler are struggling with same problems. The indicative from customer service of Amazon told that user that the device “may be too old to link to our network”, and the member of the Tech Support Executive Customer Relations of the company made the confirmation, who encouraged the user to upgrade to a more current device. For any Kindle Help, you are free to get in touch with professionals and experts.

Amazon’s Kindle was authentically revealed in November 2017, and while users continue to use the device, updates to the complete line have started to take its toll on the previous models, which could take a toll on the secondary market for the device. In 2016, Amazon started giving caution customers that its previous Kindle devices would no longer be able to access the Amazon’s Kindle Store or sync up with accounts of the user if users did not install latest updates. Rest you can step forward to www Kindle com Support for precise and facile support or by getting in touch with Kindle professionals and experts you can easily grab the fine Kindle Support.


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