A Review of Roku Premiere

roku-premiereStreaming videos and shows is not a new thing but streaming 4K content is. Every now and then the demand of streaming devices who can stream 4K content is increasing. Many companies are coming up with their 4K compatible streaming devices and one of them is Roku Premiere.

Roku Premiere

Roku premiere is the entry-level streaming device of Roku that can stream 4K content at 60fps. It easily connects to your 4k TV through an HDMI cable and will allow you to see the streaming services like Amazon, Hulu, Netflix and much more. You can take Roku Help for more information.

Box of Roku premiere

The box of the Roku premiere contains the device itself, one remote, power adapter and two AAA batteries.

Features and Design

The Roku Premiere is the black color square plastic box which measures approximately 5-inch along with Roku logo at the top and o the purple color cloth tag that sticks out of the side. You can log on to www Roku com Link for more information about Roku Premiere.

The Roku device has no buttons or switches but it has two ports at the back. The device has a power jack and full sized HDMI port but it has no micro SD card slot and Ethernet port. All these features you will find in Roku Premiere Plus.

A remote control also comes with Roku premiere which is infrared. The design of Roku remote hasn’t changed much over the years. The remote has all the standard buttons and 4 short-cut buttons for Amazon, Hulu, HBO, and Netflix.

Setup of Roku Premiere

The setup of Roku with VIZIO display is very easy. Roku itself recognizes display without any issues. Roku Premiere can easily upscale from 720p to1080 p on HDTVs and 4K up to 60fps on 4K UHD TVs.

Once the Roku Premiere is connected to VIZIO display and a Roku software update will be automatically downloaded and installed. A menu of Roku channels will be displayed after that. The processor of Roku Premiere is quad core. The picture quality of streamed content is also very good. Also, Roku makes it easy for you to find the channels with 4K content. You will also get a 4k spotlight channel that does the work of linking movies and other content. There might be the problem of buffering because of lack of Ethernet port. For Roku Setup you can visit Roku Com.

Final Verdict

Overall, Roku Premiere is a good device except Wi-Fi buffering. It does the decent job of streaming 4K content but you need to spend just $20 more. Roku Premiere is an entry level 4K streaming device and from this aspect, it does the wonderful job. You can log on to www Roku Com Support to get more information.

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