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To give the best possible experience to its manga readers, Amazon released a new Kindle tablet in Japan a few months ago. The tablet has been named as Kindle Manga Reader and it features an internal memory of 32GB and Ultra-fast Skimming Engine that helps in enhancing the speed of page change while reading the manga and any other e-book.

Manga Hardware

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Manga edition has been designed with the display screen of an e-ink Carta and has the resolution of 1430 X 1080 and 300PPI. The device has come with a sunken screen and both Voyage and Oasis come with flush screens and bezels. The processor is 1GHz and 512 MB RAM. The internal storage of the device is 32GB that has the capacity of holding almost 700 volumes. Chiefly, the device is capable of fitting every issue of Naruto, Kochikame, and Asari-chan, on your new Manga Reader.

The Manga E-reader is actually not a new reader but it is Kindle Paperwhite 3 that comes with specialized firmware. The tablet is available in two different colors white and black and it costs $180.

Manga Software

The Kindle Manga Reader has come up with a new augmentation known called as Ultra-Fast Skimming. This enhancement will give users single page turns 33% faster, and deliver a faster and immersive reading experience that readers are looking for. Also, the readers can now swiftly skim through a manga at seven pages per second just by tapping and holding to find a precise place in the story. This will give readers spending less time in searching and more time in reading.

Amazon has revealed that it will come up with the same high-end technology of manga reader in its other e-readers also. It hasn’t mentioned the name of any particular reader but we hope that the entire present lineup of the Amazon will be included in this.

There is one new feature in this e-reader called Virtual Panel and this feature is very much similar to Comixologies Guided View technology. It separates panels, so there will be no need to touch and zoom each page in case the text or images are very small. Each panel is puffed up and it fills the entire screen and whenever you turn a page, on the bottom right-hand corner a small map is displayed. This is designed to help the users in finding where they are on a particular page.


This Amazon Manga reader has left all of us speechless as the page turning speed is just amazing and never seen. If we look at its pros then there is quick page turning feature, 32 GB internal storage and new welcome change in the form of Panel view. The cons of this e-reader include its availability only in Japan and its cost that is $180.

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